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What You Need to Do to Keep Animals Off Your Solar Panels

Most solar panel systems are installed on roofs for obvious reasons. Because of their location, they become the perfect breeding site for birds, rodents and other animals. Unfortunately, having them around can lead to irreparable damage to the solar panels and their inner workings. As they take up residence under the panels, they chew through wires, leave droppings, build nests and damage the roof supports.

If you own a solar panel system, make sure you protect them from being infested by birds and pests. JMB Renewables LLC shares tips to keep in mind:

Keep Your Roof and Solar Panels Clean

Be sure to include roof and solar panel cleaning as part of your home maintenance tasks that you do annually or twice-a-year. This way, you prevent birds from building nests underneath the panels and rodents from turning these areas into their breeding grounds. More importantly, you ensure the long-term efficiency of your solar panel system.

Install Bird and Pest Deterrents

A variety of deterrents can be used to prevent birds and pests from infesting your solar panels. Fake birds of prey can be installed to scare pigeons and other similar birds away. Meshes and spikes are more robust and effective methods of keeping critters out. The mesh around the sides of the solar panels stops vermin from accessing the area. Spikes, meanwhile, can be placed on rooftop edges, and other landing surfaces.

Take Advantage of Solar Panel Services

Having your solar panels serviced often is one proactive approach to keeping birds and rodents out of your roof. To ensure the good working condition of your investment, be sure to work with a professional team that can get the job done right safely and effectively.

JMB Renewables LLC is the contractor you can rely on to protect your solar panel system. Our pest abatement services include removing debris from under your array as well as animals and their nests. We also install a protective screen around the perimeter of your panels so no animal can get under them. Our pest abatement system is compatible with proprietary racking made by Tesla, Sunrun, SunPower and others.

Give us a call in any of these contact numbers: (480) 680-1014 (Phoenix, AZ), (510) 405-4135 (California Bay Area), or (720) 790-5578 (Colorado). You may also fill out our contact form to request service.

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