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Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance: A Quick Overview

Investing in solar panels is a great way to help you save money on electricity bills. However, it also means dealing with bird droppings, rain, dust and debris. Keeping them cleaned and well-maintained is imperative to help you get the most efficiency out of them and extend their lifespan. JMB Renewables LLC discusses more below.

Why Clean Your Solar Panels

Cleaning your solar panels protects their warranty. Some solar power manufacturers, in fact, require ongoing cleaning to keep these warranties intact. Also, doing this helps improve their efficiency. Many homeowners have noticed a jump in efficiency of around 30% after cleaning. Moreover, cleaning solar panels helps them last longer. If you are consistent with it, expect them to work beyond their average lifespan of 25 to 30 years.

How Often Should Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

The frequency in which you need to keep your solar panels cleaned depends on the local climate and the different elements they are exposed to. Ideally, annual cleaning of the panels is enough, which can be done when spring rolls around. Most manufacturers, however, recommend cleaning at least twice a year to enjoy a slight increase in efficiency.

How to Clean Solar Panels

Many homeowners choose to clean their solar panels on their own. Then again, climbing up the ladder and onto the roof comes with some hazards, especially if one isn’t careful. The same can be said when working on a sloped surface. Rather than risk getting injured in this inherently dangerous job, leaving this job to the pros is more sensible. Some companies provide cleaning and maintenance services for homeowners who don’t want the stress and hassle of cleaning solar panels on their own.

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