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Key Questions to Ask Before Installing a Solar Power System

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic systems, take advantage of a very powerful yet free natural resource: the energy produced by the sun. Many households and businesses are switching to solar due to its endless benefits, such as reduced electricity bills and lower impact on the environment. In this article, we’ve listed some important questions to ask before installing solar panels.

Why Should You Invest in a Solar Energy System for Your Home or Business?

A grid-tied solar photovoltaic system allows you to generate your home’s electricity whenever the sun is out as well as store that solar power in a battery backup system to use in times of need. In addition, the system can protect you from electricity rate increases for decades, meaning you will pay less for clean electricity over the service life of the system. With solar, you can also help reduce carbon pollution from coal, gas, oil and nuclear power plants.

How Long Will a Solar Installation Take?

A typical residential solar installation project takes approximately 40 hours to complete on the roof and about 10 hours inside the house. A company will often send two technicians to accomplish the task, so it’s expected that most jobs are completed in two to three days. However, it’s also vital to consider the installation queue, which is typically six to eight weeks out, so make sure to contact your trusted installer as soon as possible.

Do I Need to Worry About Solar Panels in the Snow?

The reality is that your solar panels will be covered in snow after a snowstorm. But there’s no need to panic. On an annual basis, the amount of energy production loss due to snow buildup is fairly minor. Moreover, a well-designed solar panel system usually self-cleans quite well on the next sunny day. If you’re determined to keep your panels clear at all times, there are a few tips to consider, such as using a roof rake to clear the area beneath the panels to allow snow to shed easily.

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