Experienced Solar Installers

Whether you need to re-roof out of necessity due to storm damage, or simply because your roof has outlived its useful life, JMB Renewables provides Removal and Re-installation services for your solar modules. 

It can be difficult to get the large solar installers back out to your house to remove or re-install your solar.  Our installers have experience working with the most popular racking systems on the market.  We'll ensure your system is installed correctly to meet or surpass the standards of the original installation.  


Removal and Re-Installation Process


Before the roofers begin repairing or replacing your roof, solar professionals should remove your system.  Unless properly trained, roofers can damage your system and endanger themselves when removing the modules.  

Most of the components can be reused if properly removed.  The system should be shutdown in a specific manner so as to let all current and voltage dissipate out of the system.  Only once tested for zero voltage and current should the modules be removed

Depending on the size of your system, it typically takes 4 to 6 hours to remove a system.  Rarely would it take more than one day.  


You should expect the modules and racking to generally be stored at your place of residence.  This is the simplest solution and avoids the extra expense of transporting and storing your system.  However, should you so choose, your solar system can be stored at a secure offsite location. 


Depending on the size of your roof it will generally take about a day to remove your old roof and repair any water damage that may have gone undetected.  It's not atypical for roofers to have to make small repairs to the wood substrate around vents and eves.  This should generally be covered in their original bid. 

Once the roof is removed it will typically take one to two days to re-install your new roof.  Your roofer should call the city building inspector to ensure proper installation and sign-off on their permit card.  

Once the permit has been signed off you should call to have the solar re-installed.  


The re-installation of your system should generally take about a day or two depending on the size of your system, the number of different arrays, and the height of your roof.  

Here is where you want to ensure that your system is installed by professional solar installers.  There are generally accepted installation practices that all solar companies follow in order to ensure your system performs optimally and does not create any electrical safety hazards. 


Once your solar PV system is reinstalled it should be tested to ensure all circuits are operating as expected and your energy output meets the original expectations of the design.  

Too often the modules are re-installed but the wiring between the modules was changed thus creating a variety of problems such as voltage that is too high or too low for the inverter or perhaps a configuration that is adversely impacted by shade from nearby trees. JMB Renewables will ensure optimal performance.