Pest Abatement

Experienced Solar Maintenance

Why to install Pest Abatement:

  • Animals chew through wires -  Potential electrical short circuits (ground faults & arc faults)

  • Animals chew through roofs - Potential roof leaks

  • Animals defecate on the solar modules - Loss of energy production

  • Animals create noise - Annoying to listen to from inside your house


It is not uncommon for squirrels, birds, and even raccoons to take up residence under your solar array.  These animals can create a serious hazard by chewing on wires which can cause a short circuit in your system.  An arc fault or ground fault may occur if the animals expose the copper wire which runs throughout your solar system.  In addition we have seen animals chew holes straight through shingles and even the wooden roof decking.  Often this isn't discovered until you have a nasty and expensive leak to repair.  


JMB Renewables can safely remove debris from under your array as well as the animals and their nests.  We install a protective screen around the perimeter of the entire array preventing the return of animals. This steel mesh surrounded by black PVC coating is specially made for this application.  It will not degrade from the effects of weather and blends into the solar array on your roof. 


Our Pest Abatement system is compatible with proprietary racking made by Tesla, Sunrun, SunPower and others.