Commercial Solar Installations

JMB Renewables has a wide range or experiences working on commercial systems including multifamily housing, carports, ground mounts and large flat warehouse roofs.  Our company provides a turnkey subcontractor solution with inhouse installers and electricians.  Our management team works on site everyday with CM's dedicated to one project at a time. Our goal is to make the installation as easy and seamless for our client as possible. 

Construction Management

 Our Construction Management team is the backbone of the company.  Each project we take on has a dedicated CM working on site all day with his team.  Our PM's and CM's speak daily to review drawings, supply chain issues, RFI's, safety, and schedule.  

We invest in our team and constantly try to provide training on lessons learned from past projects and a more in-depth NEC and Utility code knowledge.  

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Copy of SVEX8688.JPG

Past Projects

  • Tesla

    • Lathrop - 1mw Ballasted Rooftop

    • Harlan - 1mw Ballasted Rooftop

    • Fremont - 1mw Ballasted Rooftop

    • San Diego - 2mw Rooftop

  • Sunrun 

    • Villa Loma - 780kw Roof &Carports​

    • Life's Gardens - 363kw Roof Mount

    • Arroyo Vista - 358kw Roof Mount

    • Gardens at Sierra - 300kw Roof & Carports

    • Fountains at Sierra - 291kw Roof  & Carports

    • Plaza at Sierra - 263kw Roof  & Carports

    • Ceres Way - 256kw Roof  & Carports

    • San Antonio Vista - 254kw Carports

Services Provided

​Typically the customer will provide a permitted set of drawings and JMB will provide a quote to build the system including providing all materials other than Modules, Inverters, and Racking

  • Construction Management

  • DC Racking & Modules

  • DC Stringing, Conduit, Wiring

  • Inverter Install

  • Disconnects, Meters, Panelboards

  • Interconnection

  • Monitoring and Communications

  • Commissioning