AC Interconnection

Utility interconnections for Solar PV can be a challenge for many contractors who are not sufficiently experienced and prepared.  Whether having the right parts and tools, or coordinating with the proper utility, AHJ, and 3rd party inspections there are many things to consider.  

JMB Renewables has the experience necessary to guarantee your interconnection will happen with minimal client impact. 


Scope of Work:

Every interconnection is a little different.  Understanding what must be accomplished, who is involved, and executing on schedule takes experience. 

  • Preconstruction planning

  • Installation of Disconnects, Meters, Current Limiters, Bus Bar Extensions, CT's, boxes, conduit, etc. 

  • Coordinate all inspections with the Utility, City, and UL Relisting agency



Our Solar Project and Construction managers work side by side with our electrical team to plan every element of an interconnection. 


  • 400 -  4000A Switch Gear 

  • Multiple Shutdowns at one time

  • Busbar Extension

  • UL Relisting

  • Service Upgrades

  • Service Replacements



Solar Utility Interconnections come with a number of safety challenges. JMB's management team has the experience necessary to plan for and navigate around safety issues so as to avoid putting anyone at risk.

  • Avoiding all hot work

  • Supplying our teams with the best electrical tools in the industry

  • Risk Hazard Assessments

  • LOTO

  • Testing and retesting

  • Proper Project Planning