SolarEdge Commissioning

Building your client's SolarEdge sit can be a daunting task if you don't have an inhouse expert to take this on.  JMB can help ease the stress and shorten the time to commission your system. We'll work with your onsite team to gather all the info and take full ownership of building out your portal.  This will may be the most visible part of your system, don't disappoint your client with subpart performance. 

Scope of Work:

  • Create the site map and layout all the modules and inverters

    • Selecting the correct module make and model

    • Tilt and Azimuth per array

    • Correct optimizer to module ratio

    • Frame size

    • Module Color

  • Map Optimizers to Strings

  • Map Strings to Inverters

  • Map Inverters to Meters

  • Ensure all hardware is communicating as expected

  • Work with your onsite technicians to help troubleshoot errors

  • Assist with setting up inverter parameters and communications protocols

Life's Garden String Map All Strings.png
Plaza at Sierra Logical Layout.png

Why is it a good value?

A person or team can spend days or weeks learning how to perform all the steps needed to properly map their system and still have issues.  Who has the time? 


As with most things, it is better to pay an expert to do it right the first time rather than wasting time only to hire the expert after numerous failed attempts. 


Our team has experience commissioning dozens of complex commercial sites for some of the largest solar developers.  We have learned through experience all the different tricks to quickly and accurately map a site.


How long does it take?

If you are not experienced with mapping it can be a very laborious process.  Even with all the YouTube videos out there, mapping hundreds or thousands of optimizers can be frustrating when things go wrong.  


Depending on the quality of the as-built drawings and optimizer maps, a full commercial site can be ready in a few days. 


This obviously depends on many factors such as the size of the system, the uniformity of the arrays, the number of optimizers, the length of the strings, and the number and size of inverters and meters.  

Life's Garden Map_edited.jpg
Plaza dashboard_edited.jpg

How do we charge for the service?

Depending on the job, JMB may either elect to charge a flat rate or a $/hr rate.  This may depend on the experience and organization of the client with whom we are working.


What additional services are provided?

Besides just drawing boxes and placing optimizers, our team will help troubleshoot any issues that may occur during the pairing process. 


It may be necessary to contact SolarEdge as well, but that can often lead to your techs being placed on hold for hours.  Our team has the knowledge and experience to work through most situations.  


We can recognize when optimizers, strings, inverters, or meters are not syncing correctly and can offer your on site team technical support to finish the commissioning with fewer trips to the site.